Recycle Right on America Recycles Day

Nov. 13, 2014 – With more than 700 million pounds of recyclables processed at Rumpke’s regional recycling facilities in 2013, it’s clear that residents have embraced recycling. But there’s always room for improvement. To celebrate America Recycles Day (Nov. 15), Rumpke asks residents to take a close look at what’s accepted as recycling to avoid sending trash to facilities. [UPDATE: Rumpke recycled more than 900 million pounds of recyclables in 2014]

“Some non-recyclables are harmless, but some can injure employees, damage the facility or contaminate other recyclables,” said Sam Dettra, regional recycling manager, Rumpke. “Residents and businesses take a lot of pride in recycling, and we want to work together to become better recyclers.”

Common items that are not accepted include plastic bags, chains, hoses and VHS tapes, which get tangled in the machines used to separate recyclables. Other unwanted items include metal hangers, bed sheets, holiday lights, car parts and food waste. Flammable and hazardous materials such as batteries, needles and propane tanks pose safety risks to employees and should never be recycled with Rumpke.

“Everyone benefits when unacceptable items are kept out of the recycling,” Dettra said. “When Rumpke expends fewer resources and less time dealing with trash, more can be invested in exploring new markets, installing newer and better recycling equipment and forming partnerships that allow residents and businesses to recycle additional items.”

Special collection programs exist for some of the items Rumpke can’t accept. For instance, clean plastic bags may be brought to many local grocery stores for recycling. Residents can contact their solid waste district for more information about recycling options for other items not accepted in Rumpke’s program.

Look at Rumpke's list of acceptable recyclables. It includes plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles and jars, aluminum and steel cans, cardboard, paperboard, paper, and cartons.

Rumpke Waste & Recycling has been committed to keeping neighborhoods and businesses clean and green since 1932 by providing environmentally friendly waste disposal solutions. Rumpke is one of the nation’s largest privately owned residential and commercial waste and recycling firms, providing service to areas of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia. Rumpke divisions include Rumpke Recycling, The William-Thomas Group and Rumpke Hydraulics. Visit for more information.


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