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Fireworks, Grills, Beverages and Bins?

RW&B-2009 015At your 4th of July party, make recycling easy and convenient for your guests. Outdoor parties and celebrations generate lots of materials that are easy to recycle.

When planning, place a recycling container next to each trash can. This way, guests are more likely to opt into recycling a can or bottle. If recycled, aluminum cans are back on the shelf as a new can within 60 days.

Consider reusable plates and silverware instead of purchasing disposable products. This reduces spending costs when planning a party. Behind the scenes, as you load beverages into coolers, don’t forget to recycle the beverage carrying boxes. Did you know paper products are among the most common recyclable items tossed into the landfill?

As you plan your party, keep recycling in mind. Be a trendsetter by employing greener habits at your next celebration!

About the author: Tyra Owens is a corporate communications intern.

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