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Growing up Green

RecyclingA few easy changes in daily activities can promote green living. Instilling environmentalism in your children at an early age increases the likelihood they will keep these practices.

Encourage your children to recycle. With more than 60 percent of landfills made up of recyclable materials, it is imperative to do your part for the future. Curbside recycling is available in many areas, making it easy and convenient. Drop-box locations are also provided throughout the service area.

Promote reuse of any item possible. When shopping for school supplies, take inventory of what supplies can be used from last school year. Encourage use of both sides of paper and notebooks. Pack lunches in a reusable lunchbox with washable containers for separate foods reducing plastic waste.

Utilize the school busing system or create a carpool with neighbors. Reducing driving and fuel is not only cheaper, it is better for the environment.

Teach children about waste and avoiding over-consumption. Don’t leave the TV on if it isn’t being watched. Remind them to turn off the faucet while brushing teeth and limiting time in the shower. By reminding your children to be more conscious of extra lights or electronics, their habits will develop greener.

Save fruit and vegetable peels in a compost bin to show your children how scraps can be reused in the yard. As a family activity plant a few flowers or herbs and watch them grow. Children will enjoy the outdoors while learning the importance of the environment.

Teaching your children to be environmentally friendly at a young age allows them to carry on green standards as they grow.

About the author: Tyra Owens is a corporate communications intern at Rumpke.

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