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Our Naughty and Nice Recycling List

The weeks following Thanksgiving and leading up to Christmas are extra busy at Rumpke’s recycling centers. Our 10 recycling centers will see a 20 to 30 percent increase in the amount of material collected and processed. But remember, not everything St. Nick places under your tree is recyclable. Please take a moment to review our naughty and nice recycling list before tossing an item into your recycling container.

Nice List

- Wrapping paper (not foil)

- Gift boxes

- Gift bags (not foil)

- Wrapping paper rolls (cardboard)

- Cardboard boxes

- Christmas cards and envelopes

- Newspapers and sales ads

- Junk mail

- Clean pizza boxes

- Paperboard (like cracker boxes)

- Plastic bottles and jugs

- Aluminum and steel food and drink cans

- Glass bottles and jars

- Plastic butter tubs, yogurt cups, fruit cups

- Plastic fast food type drink cups

- Paper coffee cup type cups

Naughty List

- Ribbons

- Tissue paper

- Foil wrapping paper

- Plastic bags

- Plastic packaging

- Plastic toys

- Aluminum pie and roasting pans

- VHS tapes (when you upgrade to DVDs and Blue-Rays)

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You can also check out our updated acceptable items list for convenience.

About the Author: Molly Yeager is a corporate communications coordinator for Rumpke.

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