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Municipal Recycling: Marketing Made Easy

BinAtCurb_smallYou want to maximize your community’s recycling program, but where should you start? Rumpke can help with a marketing plan to make the task easy on you and your limited budget.

First, identify your objectives. Do you want to increase the number of households using a curbside bin each week? Do you want to increase your recycling tonnage per capita? Rumpke can help determine these goals.

Next, consider your audience and the best way to reach them. Do they read your local newspaper? Are they connected to your community on Facebook?

Finally, it’s time to outline some strategies that will accomplish your recycling objective.

Strategy I: Build a recycling team representing the diversity of your community. Start with your Rumpke representative and add:

  • A spokesperson for your recycling program
  • Community advocates
  • Business leaders
  • School representatives (student or faculty)

Strategy II: Educate your audience. Rumpke provides several educational opportunities, including:

  • Facility tours for high school or civic groups
  • Printable coloring and activity pages for children
  • Videos which ca­­n be linked to your website

Strategy III: Leverage your existing resources to promote recycling. Does your community already have special events, a website or social media pages? These are all opportunities to promote recycling. Rumpke can help with:

  • Graphics and articles for newsletters, press releases, fact sheets, etc.
  • Special event services (recycling containers, portable restrooms, mascots)
  • Recycling data and expert information

Written by Rumpke's Corporate Communications Team.

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