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Open House on "The Hill"

Visiting a landfill isn’t on the weekend to-do list for most families. Yet more than 100 neighbors of "the hill" – as Landfill Manager Alvie Green calls it– gathered at Rumpke on Saturday, Sept. 29 for the Noble Road Landfill Open House. In the midst of a beautiful fall morning, they filled their bellies with food and their minds with a new understanding of what goes on around them every day.IMG_5674

While the event is open to the public, special invitations were extended to the landfill’s closest neighbors, who came to play games, take pictures, mingle, tour and learn. Guided site tours offered a closer look at the protective liners, safety practices, and environmental systems built into the hill. Beyond the technical attributes, guests were captured by the new growth and breathtaking scenery that surrounded them. Since landfills are typically thought of as open “dumps,” first-timers were surprised to find only a small portion was actually active, with the rest covered, seeded and inhabited by wildlife.

"This day benefits everyone," said Green. "We have the opportunity to answer questions, and they have the chance to learn."

Education is what this particular event centers around, but it’s only a small part of what Rumpke does to be a good neighbor. Some other examples of Rumpke’s community involvement include supporting a nearby farmer by letting him grow crops on an unused section of the hill. Another neighbor is no longer able to keep up his lawn, so Rumpke employees mow it for him.

Realizing the value of positive, personal relationships has helped Rumpke succeed as a company and establish a goodwill reputation in the industry. The Noble Road Open House is just another way to build these relationships, and remind neighbors that health, safety, the environment and their personal wellbeing are at the forefront of our minds and at the foundation of everything we do.

Taylor Greely is the Corporate Communications Assistant at Rumpke.

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