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How to Recycle Your Political Campaign Signs

Happy Election Day! 

As the polls close and we all breathe in a sigh of relief, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with the political campaign signs and paraphernalia that for weeks have stuffed our mailboxes and adorned our yards.

While some may want to hang onto the yard signs and newspaper editorials for nostalgia, the rest of us are ready to move on with our lives and pitch the campaign material to the curb.

However, I have one last political plea for you – please elect to recycle!

Curbside Recyclable Election Material

- Cardboard & paper political signs (no metal stakes)
- All campaign mail
- Polling place pamphlets
- Newspaper editorials

Check out Rumpke’s acceptable item list.

Do Not Recycle These Political Signs & Material in Traditional Recycling Programs

- Plastic political signs
- Corrugated plastic
- Laminated signs
- Metal sign holders

Unfortunately, we are unable to recycle the plastic political signs (including the corrugated plastic and laminated signs) or the metal sign holders in our traditional recycling programs; however, check with your local solid waste district for recycling options before you toss it into your trash can.

For Future Campaigns: Consider Double-Sided Cardboard Campaign Signs

While this election cycle may be over, if you choose to run again, consider using double-sided cardboard for your campaign signs. Clean and uncontaminated cardboard is one of the most recyclable materials out there. Though it isn’t as durable or weather resistant as corrugated plastic, it is recyclable, and most likely accepted in your curbside recycling, making it very convenient to get rid of. Just remember the metal stakes aren’t accepted curbside. 

Reuse Campaign Signs

Remember that recycling isn't the only solution when it comes to giving new life to materials like political campaign signs. Repurposing political yard signs is a fantastic way to give them a new life and contribute to sustainability efforts to reduce waste.

Donate or Give Back 

If you no longer have any use for your political yard signs but they are still in good condition, consider donating them to local schools, community centers, or organizations that may find them useful (be sure to check before dropping off).

Also, check your local political office, sometimes they will take back and accept their own signs.

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