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Landfill Location: Protecting the Environment

Did you know there are many rules about where a landfill can be built? Rumpke's mission to protect the environment starts with proper planning for landfill location, which involves far more research and planning than meets the eye.

Each year, more than 300 million tons of trash is disposed in landfills throughout the United States. With that amount of garbage, it may seem like we’d need landfills around every corner. However, there are strict guidelines about where a landfill can be located.

Take your favorite park for example. According to federal regulations, a landfill cannot be located within 1,000 feet of it. That means more than three football fields separate the garbage and the park. The same is true for nature preserves. Restrictions also exist for landfills near homes, wetlands, airports and aquifers.

Do landfills pose health risks for their neighbors? Read about this and other landfill myths.

The location of the landfill is carefully considered before construction begins. This applies to new landfills as well as new sections of existing landfills. The land is carefully surveyed, often through extensive, archeological digs.

These strict rules ensure the integrity of the environment while protecting our health and safety. Watch more videos about landfill construction.

Rumpke strives to conserve landfill space and natural resources through recycling. Learn more about options provided by Rumpke Recycling.

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