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Repurposing Old School Supplies

crayonsWith the end of the school year comes an influx of old school supplies in your home. What are you supposed to do with all the unwanted papers, markers, folders, and books? Instead of throwing away these items, you can repurpose them! Below are several suggestions to use old school supplies in different ways.

Get crafty

Do you have a child who loves to craft? Old crayons, colored pencils, and markers can be reused in many at-home art projects. Regular wooden or colored pencils can be used to line a picture frame or to decorate a short vase.  Used crayons are especially useful to make a personalized gift, no drawing skills necessary! Crayons can be glued to a canvas to create letter monogram art, or even melted wax art. 

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Another creative way to keep your drawing utensils in use is by purchasing several plain white t-shirts for your child to design and draw on with markers, making a special keepsake they can wear.  In addition, any of these materials—along with tape, erasers, sticky notes, etc.—can be used in your home office supply drawer, or for a general craft drawer for your family.

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Give your items new life

If crafting is not for you, and you still can’t seem to find a use for your child’s old school supplies, don’t worry! There are plenty of resources that will accept your items. Any books you’ve accumulated can typically be sold to a used book store, or donated back to the school’s library for future children to have. Look for local organizations that accept school supplies, such as Cincinnati based Crayons to Computers. Organizations like this one have item drop-off times, and then redistribute these items to schools at no cost.  Gently used folders, binders, and notebooks are also often accepted by teachers themselves to use as a resource for students who cannot afford the proper supplies. Loose leaf paper can be saved and added to a binder for your child to use the following school year, or it can always be placed in your Rumpke recycling container.  View other items acceptable for recycling (link).

Have a great summer, and keep checking Rumpke’s blog for more helpful tips and company facts!

About the author: Sarah Mattina is the summer 2014 corporate communications intern at Rumpke.

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