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Your Next Adventure Get "Away"

You don’t have to trek the Andes or fly to Europe to have an adventure. There are many opportunities in our communities to explore and learn about the world we live in.

Here’s an idea for your next adventure: find out where “away” is. As in, “I threw it away.” (Hint: your trash doesn’t disappear!)

The second edition of Adventures Around Cincinnati by Laura Hoevener and Terri Weeks encourages readers to tour Rumpke Sanitary Landfill in Colerain Township, Ohio.

“It’s an out-of-the-ordinary tour for anyone who would like to learn more about what happens to their trash after it leaves their garbage cans,” they wrote.

The book features more than 120 destinations in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and Dayton that are family-friendly. Every year, thousands of people tour Rumpke’s landfills and recycling centers. Rumpke’s landfill tour is suitable for children and adults alike, taking visitors on a 45-minute bus ride to see the working face, trucks, and one of the world’s largest landfill gas to direct energy pipeline.

Recycling tours take place inside industrial facilities and are better suited to students ages 13 and up. We have created many videos and other educational resources to accommodate anyone who cannot visit or would like to learn more.

Please visit our website and email us to learn more.

We hope to see you on your next adventure.

Written by Rumpke's Corporate Communications team.

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