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National Garbage Man Day: A day in the life of a driver

A typical day for a Rumpke truck driver begins as early as 3 a.m. They travel alone, rarely with a partner, to collect 400-500 homes garbage each day. They do this regardless of rain, hail, heat or snow. They collect unpleasant items that we discard, often without complaint.

Being a garbage man or woman can be physically demanding. Typically, a garbage man or woman gets in and out of their truck more than 400 times per day to collect our unwanted material – from smelly trash or recycling to large awkward pieces of furniture that must be tossed into the back of a truck.

It’s mentally demanding too. Dealing with stereotypes or honking horns from distracted and impatient motorists can be taxing on the mind when you deal with it every day. Waste and recycling collection drivers are doing something that helps protect the environment and human health and they don’t receive the recognition they deserve for this essential service.

They are good men and women who work hard. They leave the site never knowing what they may encounter on their route, but leave with a determination to earn an honest day’s pay.

Today, June 17 is National Garbage Man Day. Don’t hesitate to show a friendly smile and say thank you for everything they do. They are good men and women doing their job just like me and you. To learn more about a day in the life of a Rumpke truck driver you can watch the video below:

About the Author: Jessica Darling is the summer 2016 corporate communications intern at Rumpke.

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