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Pass the Turkey…and the Recycling

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. Recycling is one way you, your family and your friends can show appreciation for our planet. It’s also the perfect time for Rumpke to say thank you for your efforts to join us in our mission to keep landfills small and recycling efforts big.

As we pass the sweet potatoes, dressing and turkey, remember to pass the recycling. The holidays are loaded with recycling opportunities. You just have to look for them.


Listen up chefs: if your broth comes in a carton, that carton can be recycled. How awesome is that?

Oh and the juice boxes, it’s amazing how much juice kids can drink during a party. There’s not a parent in the room surprised when laughter inevitably turns to teary tantrums. Oh sugar and holiday joys, but I digress, recycle those juice boxes!


Cans of pop, cans of beer and cans of vegetables (green bean casserole cooks know this). Cans are everywhere. So capture them and put them in the recycling. It’s easy. No label removal required.

Plastic Bottles

Give your two liter bottles, milk jugs and water bottles an extended life. Empty them and recycle.


So you made the disciplined decision to ignore Black Friday bargains. Good for you! You can toss all those paper ads and coupons in your recycling.

But if you’re like me and you’re somewhat of a Black Friday warrior, you’re going to need those ads. Just remember when those who shop finally drop, a recycling bin is still the perfect resting place for the left-over coupons.


Yes boxes -- big shipping boxes, little bitty cracker boxes and all those in between belong in your recycling. If they’re big, break them down into 4 ft. by 4 ft. pieces and they’re good to go.

Glass Bottles and Jars

No holiday is complete without the right drink. Whatever your favorite holiday beverage, chances are bottles will be invited to the party. Recycle them. And recycle those pickle and sauce jars too. Glass becomes home insulation, and for goodness sake winter is coming!

What to Leave Out of Your Recycling

Not all of your holiday leftovers can be recycled. For example, take those plastic bags back to the grocery store; they should never go in your recycling container. Do you know what else shouldn’t go in your Rumpke Recycling container? Pots and pans -- yes they are metal, but they cannot be recycled in a curbside recycling program. Consider taking them to a scrap recycler. Leave out the aluminum pie pans and tubs of butter, whipped cream and sour cream too. Also, avoid sending items with food residue to your bin. Please don’t add paper plates and cups, plastic utensils and Styrofoam to your recycling bin.

Learn how you can make your recycling count, check our list of acceptable items for recycling.

About the author: Amanda Pratt is the director of corporate communications for Rumpke Waste & Recycling

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