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Recycle Your Clean & Empty Pizza Boxes

Pizza BoxPepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, banana peppers, chicken and meatballs on top a bed of rich dough, sauce and a heaping of cheese. Do I have you hungry for pizza yet? Good. After you’ve ordered your scrumptious pizza, shared it with family and emptied the box – all in a matter of minutes – what are you going to do with that pizza box? RECYCLE IT. That is if it isn’t too greasy. And if one side is, tear it in half, recycle the clean side and trash the greasy side. 

Why trash the greasy side? Unfortunately grease contaminates the cardboard box, making it unacceptable for the reuse process.

Fortunately a lot of pizzerias are on board with recycling and place grease catchers in their pizza boxes. Essentially, this creates a barrier between the yummy cheeses and meats and the box. Innovative thinking! 

Also, please remove any pizza crust, dipping sauce cups and rogue chicken wings before recycling the box.

So next time you’re enjoying your favorite takeout or delivery pizza, be sure you’re recycling the clean cardboard and trashing the greasy side. 

Happy eating!

About the author: Casey Harchaoui is a corporate communications assistant for Rumpke Waste & Recycling and a self-proclaimed pizza aficionado. 

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