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Rumpke Driver Receives Award

Earl Owens, a residential rear load driver with Rumpke for 5 years, began his workday on Jan. 16, 2017 just like any other. As he set out from Rumpke’s location in Broadview Heights, Ohio to pick up his customers’ trash. He never suspected the day would take an odd turn.

Earl was scheduled to pick up trash in Gates Mills, a familiar area. As he traveled down one of the streets, Earl saw someone walking up the driveway of his next stop. Earl knew the Gates Mills neighborhood and this person seemed out of place.

“He looked like he was up to no good,” Earl said. “I know the customers on that street.”

Ten days prior, on Jan. 6, 2017, a home invasion was reported in Gates Mills. The police had provided a sketch of the suspect to the public, and Earl recognized the invader as that suspect. A sketch of the invader had been provided to the public, making the invader easy to identify.

Earl called the police, and the invader was apprehended.

Earl received a plaque from the Gates Mills City Council for his efforts in identifying and reporting the home invader.

Rumpke appreciates Earl and all employees’ efforts to help ensure the safety of the communities we service. Thank you, Earl, for your heroism, and congratulations on your award!


About the author: Robert Clark is a Corporate Communications Assistant for Rumpke Waste & Recycling

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