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The Story of a Super Fan

(And how littlest things often have the biggest impact)

5 year old George love RumpkeMeet George. He turned 5 in November and is an active and fun-loving kid. He’s a Rumpke super fan.

George’s story started several years ago. Like most toddlers, he was fascinated by large machinery (construction and otherwise). With his neighborhood under construction, he had a free show outside his window every day as earth moving equipment dug foundations and so forth. He always liked to wave to the truck drivers as they passed. 

The neighborhood primarily used a competitor for garbage service (as did George’s parents). George being George, he would wave to the trash truck driver as well, but the worker paid ZERO attention to George. 

There were also Rumpke customers in the neighborhood. As the Rumpke driver passed, George would wave, and the Rumpke driver would wave back and yell out to George, “Hi, buddy, how are you doing?” 

The driver surely realized George’s house wasn’t even one of his stops. George got the biggest kick out of the Rumpke driver taking the time just to say “Hi” and waving back. 

Soon George’s parents made an easy choice to switch to Rumpke. Now Rumpke is George’s garbage service. He wakes up extra early on garbage days and can’t wait to see “His Rumpke man.” He waits by the front window for a chance to run bottles of water out to the driver.  

George’s parents are so grateful for the kindness the Rumpke driver has extended to their son. They have told ALL of their friends in the neighborhood, causing more to make the switch. They also signed-up George for the Rumpke Fan Club, and he received his welcome pack in the mail recently. He couldn’t be happier.  

George is my nephew and the decision to switch service was made BEFORE I ever started working at Rumpke. George’s family was at my house this weekend, and he was thrilled to find out that his Uncle Scott works at Rumpke. 

This story just shows how big of an impact you can have with the smallest of gestures.

About the author: Scott McQuillan is the corporate sales trainer for Rumpke Waste & Recycling

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