Landfill Videos

Keeping neighborhoods clean and green is more than a slogan; it’s our rally cry, our company purpose and our daily quest.Everyday, Rumpke drivers hit the streets to protect the health and safety of you – our neighbors – by collecting your trash and recyclables.

Curbside collection is just the beginning of how we keep neighborhoods clean. It is Rumpke’s responsibility – and the reason for our existence – to be green by properly disposing of the material we collect in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Sanitary Landfills
Proper waste disposal is an essential service that Rumpke humbly provides for millions of residents, tens of thousands of businesses and more than 300 municipalities through its 11 landfill locations. Learn more about how landfills keep your neighborhoods clean and green.

Landfill Location
Protecting the environment starts with proper planning. There are many rules about where a landfill can be built. Landfill Manager Alvie Green explains the planning that takes place prior to constructing a landfill.

Landfill Construction
The differences between the dumps of yesteryears and today’s modern landfills are many. Landfill Manager Jim Hext explains one of the most notable differences – the liner system – during this brief visit to Rumpke’s Brown County Landfill.

Landfill Operations
Proper waste disposal is vital in protecting human health as well as our environment. Meet Landfill Manager Ralph Collins, an everyday environmentalist, and learn more about his daily quest to keep Medora, Ind., clean and green.

Wetland Mitigation
Landfill Manager Ralph Collins talks about Rumpke's wetlands mitigation area at the Medora, Ind., Landfill.