Hydraulics & Machining Services Near Fairfield, Ohio

Rumpke offers hydraulic and machining services in Fairfield, Ohio! We’re a national distributor for custom-made and prefabricated components, but as a Fairfield local business, we're especially committed to serving our very own Fairfield, Hamilton, and Cincinnati communities. 

Why is Rumpke a Hydraulic & Machining Expert?

Properly functioning hydraulic cylinders and machinery are a core element of our waste machinery and vehicles, so it naturally follows that we're also an expert in hydraulic and machining repair and distribution!

We provide a huge range of hydraulic and machining services for clients throughout the country. 

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  • Our Rumpke Hydraulics & Machining location in Fairfield is next door to Hamilton, situated just around the corner from Elda Elementary school.
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Hydraulics & Machining Services We Offer in Fairfield

While we specialize in hydraulic cylinder, pump, and motor repairs and sales, our top-notch team handles the full gamut of hydraulic services: 

  • Hydraulic cylinder, pump and motor repair (construction, industrial and mobile components)

  • Hydraulic hose fabrication (done while you wait)

  • Sale and installation of hydraulic wet-line kits

  • Fabrication of hydraulic steel lines

  • Pressure washer repair and distribution

  • Hydrostatic pump and motor repair

  • On-site hose fabrication

  • On-site troubleshooting on hydraulic systems

  • CNC machining

  • Induction-hardened chrome-plated material cut to length

  • DOM barrel material cut to length

  • Torque bench capabilities up to 33,000 lb.-ft.

  • Specialty cylinder fabrication

  • Portable line boring

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Hydraulics & Machining Services in Fairfield FAQs:

What is hydraulic repair?

At their most basic, hydraulic power systems such as amusement park rides and adjustable office chairs use liquid/oil to transmit power. This is in contrast to pneumatic systems like air compressors and tire pumps. So hydraulic repair addresses any issues in components and operation that hinder the generation of fluid power. 

What are the most common causes of hydraulic system failure?

  • Contaminated fluids, where corrosive foreign particulates can scratch up the interior of a cylinder or eat away at seals and fittings

  • Damaged seals and fittings, making a hydraulic system unable to maintain correct internal operating pressure

  • Side loading, where hydraulic cylinders are installed off-kilter from a specifically intended optimal axis 

  • Piston damage, due to a loose nut, contaminated fluid, or side loading

  • Variations in cylinder pressure, resulting in unreliable conveyance of liquid force and power

  • Physical damage, such as externals dents, bends, or cracks in any component of a hydraulic system

What is machining repair?

Machining repair refers to the maintenance and repair of any parts and equipment used in factories, workshops, and other business settings to augment or replace human labor (often colloquially referred to as “automation”). Examples of such machinery include packaging machines, laser cutting and engraving machines, and CNC (for computer numerical control) lathes. Clients in every industry rely on machining repair, including the automotive, aerospace, industrial supply, durable and non-durable goods manufacturing, and printing spaces.

What are the most common machinery issues?

  • Overheating, usually caused by a lack of lubrication 

  • Rust, resulting from excessive humidity. Gone undetected, it will corrode machines and cause larger issues over time.

  • Worn or cracked belts, caused by contamination, overheating, misalignment, or normal wear and tear. Will make pulley systems operate less effectively.

  • Pump and valve issues such as in hydraulic systems

With CNC manufacturing systems, you can also run into issues like:

  • Improper settings or tools, resulting in chattering, rough edges, visible cutting marks and raised edges

  • Improper programming, where the core coding for the creation of a product is incorrectly or shoddily inputted

Why use Rumpke for your hydraulic pump or hydraulic cylinder repairs?

The waste management industry makes prolific use of hydraulics, such as with rear-load garbage trucks that collect and compact residential trash or with dump trucks that constantly lift and lower their high-volume open-box beds. So we have to be hydraulic pros when it comes to the right tooling, parts, and operation of your machinery. 

We’ll make sure your equipment runs to OEM specifications every time. We also have established and maintained good relations with several major brand manufacturers, a further testament to our work. 

Does your hydraulic equipment need a reliability-centered maintenance check?

Of course! Regular maintenance is a key part of detecting issues as they arise before they become bigger problems and making sure that your hydraulic systems and machinery run smoothly and effectively, for as long as possible. If you need help coordinating a maintenance schedule, call us, we can help. 

How much does it cost to replace a hydraulic pump?

This depends on how extensive the damage to the pump and/or its correlating parts is. Rest assured, our prices for hydraulic repair and parts replacements are highly competitive. Call us about setting up an inspection, so we can give you a free, customized quote. 

Where can I find a hydraulic cylinder repair shop near me?

Our hydraulics and machine shop is easy to find near where the Great Miami River crosses under OH-126.

Contact us and we’d be happy to help you with your hydraulic and machining service needs.